Irishman hits out at claims wife died by suicide in India

Irishman hits out at claims wife died by suicide in India

AN IRISHMAN whose wife was found dead in an Indian forest is refusing to believe claims by Indian authorities that she took her own life.

33-year-old Liga Skromane travelled to Kerala with her sister Ilze to take part in a wellness retreat on February 4.

She was last seen on March 14.

The decapitated remains of the Latvian national were found by fishermen by the riverside in an isolated area near Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.

According to local police, a preliminary inquiry suggested there was no foul play.

The inquiry concluded: “There are no injuries to her body parts. But the exact reason of the death can be established only after the chemical analysis report.”

However, at a press conference in India yesterday, Ms Skromane’s husband, Andrew Jordan, hit out at the claim that his wife died by suicide.

“Had the police taken it more seriously, it would have been a different story,” he said.

“I plead with the people of Kerala to come forward with the information if they have any idea about what had happened to my wife.

“We are sure it’s not suicide. We appeal to police for a full investigation.”

Ms Skromane had been living in Dublin for the last five years with her husband.

According to local media, doctors who carried out the post-mortem examination informed police there were no open wounds or fractures on her bones, and that the bones around her neck were also unharmed.