Irishman living in Beirut lucky to be alive after his home destroyed by explosion

Irishman living in Beirut lucky to be alive after his home destroyed by explosion

AN IRISHMAN living in Beirut had a lucky escape after his home was destroyed by the explosion that devastated the Lebanese capital on Tuesday.

Colin Lee, originally from Drogheda, works as the Lebanese Country Director for human rights organisation Plan International.

Though their Twitter account, he shared footage of his home which was badly damaged by the blast.

In the video, Colin be heard telling his children to "stay in the bathroom" and "keep the door closed" as he walks around his home, showing his windows smashed with glass and debris strewn all over the floor.

Colin said of incident: "We're a bit shocked as to the scale and the force of it. I've been around bomb explosions before but nothing like this.

"I just wanted to express my thanks on behalf of the team here to everyone in the Plan family for their messages of support over the last 18 hours since the massive explosion in the port area of Beirut."

Speaking about his colleagues, Colin said: "We've had two injuries. Both are fine. One was stitched up yesterday evening. Our office is closed.

"It's very difficult to comprehend the damage to property, it's extensive. More so people's lives have been turned upside down.

"As many of you know we have been going through a social, economical, political crisis since October last year. Lebanon needs international support. It needs money and it needs it very quickly."

Over one hundred people were reported to have been killed by the explosion on Tuesday, with hundreds more still missing and thousands having their homes and lives shattered.

The cause of the blast is still so far unconfirmed, though reports suggest that 2,700 tons of explosive chemicals were accidentally ignited in a warehouse.

Investigations are still ongoing.