Joe Biden most Googled person by Irish in 2020

Joe Biden most Googled person by Irish in 2020

JOE BIDEN was the most Googled person in Ireland over the course of 2020, according to new figures from the tech giant.

The Irish-American US President-elect's name was the most searched for name among Irish internet users over the past year.

Biden defeated Donald Trump in last month’s US election and is due to move into the White House in the next few weeks.

More significantly, he boasts strong family roots in Ireland and has already made a point of pledging to protect the Good Friday Agreement from any disruption caused by Brexit.

In a telling statistic, he was the most Googled person in Ireland, way ahead of ‘President Trump’, who ranked as the fifth with ‘Boris Johnson’ second, ‘Kim Jong Un’ third and ‘Philip Schofield’ fourth.

The data revealed significant interest in the ‘US election’ among Irish internet users with both ‘CNN’ and ‘Fox News’ featuring among the top 10 search terms.

In fact, the term US election ranked ahead of coronavirus in a list of the top searches.

Covid-19 appeared to impact on the variety of “How to” searches made via Google.

Things like ‘How to make a face mask’ and ‘How to make hand sanitiser’, ranked highly alongsid several popular recipes evidently googled as part of efforts to help pass the time in lockdown.

The adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People was the most Googled TV show of 2020 in Ireland. The Netflix shows the Queen’s Gambit and Love Island also featured.

A breakdown of all of the search data gleaned can be read below:


1. US election

2. Coronavirus

3. Caroline Flack

4. Premier League

5. CNN

6. Joe Biden

7. Zoom

8. Fox News

9. Kobe Bryant

10. Google Classroom



1. Joe Biden

2. Boris Johnson

3. Kim Jong Un

4. Philip Schofield

5. Donald Trump

6. Kamala Harris

7. Phil Hogan

8. Bruno Fernandes

9. Katie Taylor

10. Michael Jordan


1. Caroline Flack

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Naya Rivera

4. Marian Finucane

5. George Floyd

6. Keelin Shanley

7. Chadwick Boseman

8. Sean Connory

9. Jack Charlton

10. John Hume


1. How to make a face mask

2. How to make hand sanitizer

3. How to register to vote

4. How to cut men’s hair

5. How to make scones

6. How to make banana bread

7. How to cut your own hair

8. How to make cookies

9. How to cancel covid payment

10. How to get tested for coronavirus Ireland


1. Premier League

2. Masters

3. Champions League

4. NBA

5. Fantasy Football

6. GAA

7. Cheltenham

8. US Open

9. Ireland v. Wales

10. Tour de France


1. 1917

2. Parasite

3. Little Women

4. Jojo Rabbit

5. Tenet

6. The Gentlemen

7. Bombshell

8. Birds of Prey

9. Enola Holmes

10. Wild Mountain Thyme


1. Brown bread recipe

2. Scones recipe

3. Pizza dough recipe

4. Apple tart recipe

5. Soda bread recipe

6. Strawberry daiquiri recipe

7. Chicken recipes

8. Carrot cake recipe

9. Margarita recipe

10. Chocolate cake recipe


1. What is level 3 restrictions

2. What is a pandemic

3. What is 5G

4. What is coronavirus

5. What is the population of Ireland

6. What is the population of America

7. What is TikTok

8. What is direct provision

9. What is blackout Tuesday

10. What is the electoral college