Kanye West concedes presidential election, vows to run again in 2024

Kanye West concedes presidential election, vows to run again in 2024

KANYE WEST has conceded the 2020 presidential election-- but he's not finished with politics yet.

The musician made headlines earlier this year when he announced he would be running in the election via a Tweet sent on the United States Independence Day, July 4.

The message read: “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future.
“I am running for president of the United States #2020VISION”.

The announce drew the endorsement of his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and Tesla founder Elon Musk-- but much of the general population dismissed the idea as a distraction.

West took to Twitter in the early hours of this morning to admit his defeat in the most Kanye way possible: tweeting a picture of himself laughing while looking at an electoral map where his rivals, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, were slowly turning each state red or blue.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Kanye wrote "WELP" adding "KANYE 2024".

That Tweet has since been deleted, but was then re-uploaded with a different caption, this time reading simply "KANYE 2024"-- making it quite likely we will see the musician running for the presidency again four years from now.

Despite conceding, West managed to get more than 57,000 votes-- likely far more than most were expecting.

10,000 of those votes were secured in the state of Tennessee, where the musician beat presidential candidates from the Green Party, the Socialism and Liberation Party and the Constitution Party, according to NME.

West documented his voting process on Twitter yesterday, sharing photographs of him writing his name on the ballot and wearing an 'I voted' sticker.

He wrote:

"God is so good ... Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it's for someone I truly trust ... me."