Kanye West’s bid to run for President in 2020 hits massive roadblock

Kanye West’s bid to run for President in 2020 hits massive roadblock

KANYE WEST’S plans for running in this year’s US Presidential elections appear to have hit a massive snag after it was reported that the rapper had already missed several key deadlines. 

According to a report from Metro, West has already missed the deadline for appearing on the ballot in at least six of America’s 50 states.  

Citing the website Ballotpedia, the report states that the rapper would have needed to register as an independent candidate in North Carolina by 3 March, May 11 in Texas and 26 May in New York. 

On top of that, Kanye has also missed the deadline in Maine (June 1), in New Mexico (June 25) and has narrowly missed the deadline for Indiana (June 30). 

While it’s still a possibility that West could appear as a write-in candidate, the rules on the validity of votes for write-in candidates varies from state to state. 

In any case, the musician is facing a race against time to register for several other key states with July deadlines looming fast for Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Michigan and Colorado. 

In addition to registering as a candidate with each state, he also needs to register with the Federal Election Commission.  

Thankfully, he can do this at any point leading up to the election. 

News of West’s intention to stand sent shockwaves through the Twittersphere when he announced it this past July 4. 

Kanye tweeted in the early hours: “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future.  ‘I am running for president of the United States [US flag emoji]! #2020VISION [sic].’” 

He was immediately supported by his wife Kim Kardashian who shared his tweet as well as Tesla boss Elon Musk immediately replied: “You have my full support!” 

Despite the announcement, the news has been greeted by with scepticism by some, who suspect it may be little more than a publicity stunt. 

West has previously spoken of potentially running for President though his previous remarks appeared to indicate he was weighing up a run for office in 2024.