Katie Taylor responds to Billy Joe Saunders' sexist remarks

Katie Taylor responds to Billy Joe Saunders' sexist remarks

ANDY Lee’s WBO middleweight world title challenger Billy Joe Saunders has been put in his place by Katie Taylor following a string of sexist remarks.

Saunders, who will fight Lee in Thomond Park in Limerick on September 19, was filmed airing his views on female boxing, with the video footage emerging on YouTube on Thursday.

The 25-year-old, who was brought up in the Romani travelling community, gave a shocking reply when asked for his thoughts.

He said: “I think women are there for sex, every night; hard sex. Women are there for cleaning, cooking, washing and sex.

“They’re not there to put a headguard on and get punched on the face. Although, I must say, Katie Taylor has done extremely well, and she once punched Frankie Gavin up in sparring, I remember him saying.

“All jokes aside, that’s my opinion on women, but then I’m a sex maniac. I don’t want to see women getting punched on the nose and in the face, it’s not very nice is it?

“I’m not taking anything away from them [female boxers], I’m giving them full respect – they’ve done things I haven’t done.”

In response to the remarks, current Irish, European, World and Olympic 60kg champion Taylor took to Twitter to declare her pity on the Englishman’s family, saying: “I feel sorry for his wife and daughter if that's his only view of women.”

Skip to minute 2:40 in the YouTube video below to see Saunders make his remarks.