'They could kill someone': Gang of youths cough on Irish nurse in sick social media stunt

'They could kill someone': Gang of youths cough on Irish nurse in sick social media stunt

AN IRISH nurse has spoken of how a group of teens swarmed around her and coughed on her in a twisted social media stunt, adding that they should be arrested for endangering lives.

Susan Nutley, 30, who works at Dublin children's hospital, was out for a jog on the Clontarf seafront on Monday evening, when she was approached by the gang of youths.

She said she was absolutely appalled by their twisted behaviour, which saw them not only purposefully cough on her, but also two elderly people nearby as well.

Ms Nutley said that as she was jogging along a footpath near Bull Island around 6pm the teens stood next to each other, blocking her and other pedestrians - including a 90-year-old man - from walking past.

They refused to move out of the way, then began coughing on people before running away laughing.

"I did three night shifts and I thought I would get out for some fresh air," she told the Irish Independent.

"I could see a man in his 90s walking with a frame and an elderly woman with him in a wheelchair.

"There was one [youth] on either side of me and in front all laughing and jeering.

"They could possibly kill someone. They don't know how dangerous this is," she added.

"It broke my heart."

The incident has been reported to gardai and Susan says she hopes CCTV footage will help to catch the culprits.

Dublin Bay North TD Aodhan O'Riordan said of in the incident: "This isn't the time for any anti-social behaviour - it's the time for the opposite.

"It's time for people to correct their behaviour and follow HSE advice and get through this together.

"Because if we don't we will be looking at empty chairs around the dinner table this Christmas and nobody wants that."