Leo Varadkar explains how 'vaccine certificates' could work in Ireland

Leo Varadkar explains how 'vaccine certificates' could work in Ireland

LEO Varadkar has explained how a 'vaccine certificate' system could work in Ireland in order to open up certain pockets of society to those who are immune to Covid-19.

The Tánaiste says that the Government is planning to issue standardised certificates to people who have received their coronavirus vaccine in the coming months, which will essential act as a kind of social passport.

The idea being that once you've received your vaccine, you'll be able to avail of certain services that non-vaccinated people won't have access to, like cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and possibly even bars.

It also means you won't have to restrict your movements if you come into close contact with someone who's infected.

Speaking to Ireland AM on Thursday, Varadkar attempting to shed some light on the initiative, but stressed that the certificates wouldn't be used for international travel, like vaccine passports.

"I wouldn't use the word passport because people automatically associate the word passport with foreign travel," Varadkar said.

"But we are going to give everyone a certificate. It will be a standard European form."

When asked if the certificate could be eventually used to travel within EU nations, he replied: "I think we're very far off that.

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"Israel, which is the country that is furthest ahead of everyone in terms of vaccination now has a thing called the green badge.

"And if you have got the green badge, which means you've got the vaccine, you can go into certain establishments.

"You can go to theatres, cinemas, I think bars. You don't have to restrict your movements if you're a close contact.

"Let's see how they get on and we'll have a better idea by the middle of the year, by June, as to whether that worked or not.

"Bear in mind, even if you've had the vaccine, you can still get Covid, you can still carry it in your nose, you can still infect other people."