Liam Gallagher criticised by Irish LGBT group for homophobic remark on Twitter

Liam Gallagher criticised by Irish LGBT group for homophobic remark on Twitter

Social media users were not happy with Liam Gallagher's recent Tweet

LIAM Gallagher has been criticised by the London Irish LGBT Network for a tweet that the group deemed to be homophobic.

Gallagher, the former lead singer of Mancunian rock band Oasis, was reacting to the violence between English and Russian football fans at the EURO 2016 Championship.

He wrote:

liam gallagher tweet

Liam Gallagher deleted this tweet earlier today

Reacting to Gallagher's Tweet, Anne O'Donoghue, Co-Chair of the London Irish LBGT Network, told The Irish Post that this was "reflective of a certain bigoted view [of LGBT people] that is still out there".

With the recent tragedy that unfolded at Pulse nightclub in Orlando resulting in the death of 50 people, which O'Donoghue labelled as one of the "most horrendous atrocities of gun crime in the United States", she said that Gallagher should have been more sympathetic to the LGBT community.

Gallagher did eventually apologise for his remark, writing on Twitter to say: "If I've upset anybody with my tweets I apologise that includes you RKID as you were."

O'Donoghue said that she was "pleased to see he has apologised" and that the apology would be genuine if "he has learnt from it, and if it has taught him a lesson that caused him to reflect a little".

She said she hopes the image of the Irish community in Britain would not suffer because of the tweet, claiming "the Irish-British community would see through that and are better than that".

Oasis will release a biographical film, called Supersonic, in October of this year.

There was an announcement recently that this film would premiere in London, which Gallagher was not happy about because he believes it should premiere in his hometown of Manchester.

Many social media users reacted angrily to his tweet. Read some of their responses below: