Liam Neeson teaming up with Casino Royale and Goldeneye director for action thriller with a twist

Liam Neeson teaming up with Casino Royale and Goldeneye director for action thriller with a twist

LIAM NEESON is returning to the well once again for another action thriller centred on an ageing assassin on a mission of vengeance. 

The Ballymena-born star is teaming up with Martin Campbell, whose previous credits include Casino Royale and Goldeneye, on the new film titled Memory. 

Neeson plays a ruthless assassin with a reputation for efficiency who ends up becoming a target for a dangerous criminal organisation after turning down a job. 

Fearing for his safety, he embarks on a mission to hunt down those who want him dead. 

However, it’s not just the bad guys he has to contend with; Neeson’s character is also grappling with early-onset Alzheimer’s in something of a fresh twist on the familiar action format. 

An English-language remake of the 2003 Dutch film Memory of a Killer, the original focused on a retired hitman with the disease who agrees to one last job only to back out when asked to terminate a second target.  

When his former employer sends another hitman to finish the job and kill him, the veteran hitman decides to exact revenge all while evading the police. 

Credit : Open Road Films

Dario Scardapane, best known as the scribe of the acclaimed TV series The Bridge, has written the screenplay, with production due to begin in August. 

Neeson has some experience when it comes to English remakes of popular foreign thrillers having previously starred in Cold Pursuit, a US reimagining of the hit Norwegian film In Order Of Disappearance 

Campbell, meanwhile, is set to reunite STV, the production team he previously worked with on the 2017 guilty pleasure The Foreigner, starring Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan. 

Set in Northern Ireland, the film centres on a decent businessman (Chan) who seeks revenge following the death of his daughter in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism. 

Desperate to discover the identity of the terrorists behind the bombing, he embarks on a cat-and-mouse game with an Irish government official (Brosnan) who appeared eerily similar to a certain someone many will be familiar with. 

Memory is just the latest in a string of action thrillers fronting Neeson that are due out over the next year, they include The Ice Road, which is due to arrive on Netflix later this month.