Librarian stunned after someone 'microwaved a book', trying to kill coronavirus

Librarian stunned after someone 'microwaved a book', trying to kill coronavirus

A LIBRARIAN was left lost for words after discovering someone had put a book in the microwave to try and kill off any trace of coronavirus.

After the book was returned, the librarian was amazed to find scorch marks inside and realised that it had caught fire.

The book had been taken from the Kent District Library (KDL) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, obviously by a reader with very little grasp of how to prevent the spread of viruses.

Rather than simply sanitising the book, they placed it in the microwave, without realising the dangers of doing so.

Credit: Kent District Library

The librarian posted images on the burned book online, before informing the bumbling borrower than not only does the library already sanitise every books it lends out, but that every one of them have small pieces of metal in them.

"Reminder that KDL will quarantine returned materials for 72 hours," the library wrote.

"The pictures below show what will happen, when you try microwaving a book.

"The radio frequency tags in all KDL materials have metal in them. They will catch on fire in the microwave."

Speaking to CNN, manager Elizabeth Guarino-Kozlowicz said: "I'm really not sure why someone would do this."

Credit: Kent District Library

We didn't think it needed to be said, but don't put books in the microwave, guys.

It's also not the smartest way to protect yourself against Covid-19 either. Not only will it fail to kill the virus, it's also not the smartest tactic to adopt universally. We imagine sanitising your hands in the microwave after a trip to the shops would be pretty painful.