Litter of one-week old puppies cruelly dumped in GAA pitch in Waterford

Litter of one-week old puppies cruelly dumped in GAA pitch in Waterford

AN ANIMAL charity based in Waterford are providing a litter of puppies with lots of TLC after they were cruelly abandoned on a GAA pitch.

The five puppies were found by St Saviours GAA club members Noel Reidy and Mark Corcoran, who immediately called Waterford Animal Welfare for help.

At just one week old, the tiny pups had apparently been 'thrown into the pitch' with no regards for their welfare and left there to die.


Late last evening we received an urgent call from Noel Reidy and Mark Corcoran of St. Saviours...

Posted by Waterford Animal Welfare on Thursday, 20 August 2020

Waterford Animal Welfare rushed the puppies to the care of Vet Ger Clancy of Suirside Veterinary Clinic, where they were found to be suffering from hypothermia due to the exposure of being left in the field at such a young age.

Tragically, one little pup was too far gone and was unable to be saved.

The remaining babies "have an uphill battle to survive," W.A.W wrote on Facebook, "but no effort will be spared by our dedicated team to give them a fighting chance."

Despite having the most difficult and painful start in life, the remaining four puppies are doing well, safe in the care of 'foster mammy' Claire Coleman, who is lovingly hand feeding the babies every few hours.

"What a difference a day makes," Claire told the charity as they shared an updated photograph of the litter- "Happy, warm and bellies full, our four puppies now will never have a bad day again."

The puppies' chance of survival is "getting greater by the day", the charity wrote, and they already have an army of animal lovers enquiring about adoption once they are ready.

As their foster mammy Claire Coleman said " What a difference a day makes"🐾💕 Happy, warm and bellies full, our four...

Posted by Waterford Animal Welfare on Saturday, 22 August 2020

But as they were jut one week old when they were so cruelly abandoned, it will be at least seven weeks until the puppies will be ready to find their forever homes.

In the meantime, to helpd Waterford Animal Welfare to keep helping animals so desperately in need, you can visit their website to provide a donation (here).

And for regular updates on the pups' progress, and to read more stories of rescues and adoption, you can visit the Waterford Animal Welfare Facebook page here.