Locals in shock after three whales wash up on one of Ireland’s most scenic beaches

Locals in shock after three whales wash up on one of Ireland’s most scenic beaches

THE LOCAL residents of a quaint Irish town best known for its nearby beach have been left stunned and saddened by the discovery three dead whales washed up on the shore.

Tra Mór in Dunfanaghy is considered to be one of the most scenic stretches of shoreline in the country and was recently named among the top ten Irish beaches by the Lonely Planet.

However, visitors to this idyllic coastal region were left distressed this weekend after three of the marine mammals washed up on the beach.

Three large carcasses were found with one of the whales measuring approximately six feet while the other two were said to be around 10 feet in length.

It is though that the bodies are that of two adult and one younger juvenile Cuvier's beaked whales.

Two of the three were reported to have several scars around their body though this is said to be common within certain species of whales due to the fighting and jostling that goes on between males.

The whales reportedly washed up on the beach several days ago.

The three-kilometre beach is popular walking spot for holidaymakers and locals in the area.

Swimming along the Tra Mor is not advised on account of the rip tides and dangerous current in the water.

At present, the beach area is only accessible by foot over sand dunes, making the retrieval of their bodies difficult.

One woman who saw the dead whales told the Irish Examiner: “It was such a sad sight.

"It was bad enough to see one but when I came across a second and then a third in just a few hundred yards of each other I was almost in tears.

"It’s a beautiful, peaceful beach and you just don’t expect to see such a horrible scene on it."

Given that the burial of large carcasses of this kind prohibited in Ireland, it is likely that the three whales will be allowed to naturally wash out to sea.

Donegal County Council have nevertheless been alerted to the disturbing discovery.