Love Island fans criticise show over lack of screen time for Ireland’s Yewande Biala

Love Island fans criticise show over lack of screen time for Ireland’s Yewande Biala

LOVE ISLAND fans far and wide have taken to Twitter to criticise ITV over the lack of screen time afford to Irish entrant Yewande Biala.

The Dublin scientist has emerged as a firm fan favourite since the show started.

However, it would appear viewers are concerned about the Dubliner’s virtual disappearance from the hit reality series.

Taking to Twitter, fans far and wide have come out in support of Yewande while criticising the show for not showing more from the Irish contestant.

“Love Island really doesn't deserve Yewande,” one fan lamented.

“They actually need to file a missing persons report for Yewande I’m getting worried now,” another wrote.

Some fans were quick to point to an alarming pattern with the show.

“I’m actually annoyed watching Love Island,” a fan said. “We saw the same with Marcel, Samira and now Yewande. I’m sick of it now.”

Another concurred: “If yewande isn’t given the correct amount of air time or at least people who don’t like blondes, the black community will boycott the views.”

There was plenty of positive support alongside the criticism though.

“The only time I see yewande get air time is when she basically playing agony aunt to everyone else getting coupling advice,” a fan wrote. “Please send a man in for yewande!”

“Can we see more #Yewande please,” one supporter added with another concurring: “You know what’s actually mad, Yewande is actually the buffest girl on love island.”

The comments came on a night when Yewande opened up about how she was feeling in the villa to fellow contestant Anton.

"I just feel like if someone does come in here, their first pick is probably going to be Lucie and Amber," she said.

"No it's not," Anton insisted. "Not everyone's type is blonde."

She continued: "The first person that's gonna come in here is gonna go for what? Off first impressions.

"Yeah everyone has a type and maybe everyone's type isn't in here."

"Back home I'm usually girls' first pick. See here, I feel like this as well,” he replied.

Though he managed to make her laugh, it would appear the message from fans is clear: more Yewande, please.