WATCH: 93-year-old grandmother's heartwarming message to family goes viral

WATCH: 93-year-old grandmother's heartwarming message to family goes viral

A 93-YEAR-OLD Scottish grandmother has become an overnight social media sensation after the heartwarming video message she sent to her family went viral. 

Known only as ‘Wee Granny’, the clip filmed by her grown-up daughter was shared to Twitter, where it drew an immediate reaction. 

With elderly relatives across the UK and Ireland under strict instruction to “cocoon” in their homes during the coronavirus lockdown, ‘Wee Granny’ thought it best to update her lucky grandchildren on how she is getting on. 

And the good news is that she’s doing just fine. Great, infact. And she’s planning on seeing them very soon. 

Speaking on the life-affirming clip, the Scottish grandmother starts off with a simple hello to her watching family before offering some reassurance that she is doing just fine. 

"I'm still here. I'll tell you, I'm like a bad penny, there's no getting rid of me," she tells the camera. 

‘Wee Granng’ goes on to remind her family and anyone else watching along that they must make sure they do their bit during coronavirus lockdown by remaining indoors. 

"I hope you're all well and doing what you're told. Keep to the rules and you will all be fine,” she said. 

The video has proven a viral hit in the hours since, providing a welcome lift to countless millions currently stuck at home during a difficult and distressing time. 

Ireland’s health minister, Simon Harris, was among those to share the clip alongside a reminder of its message. 

“Warm your heart this morning,” he wrote on Twitter. 

“We all miss our grannies, our families, our friends. Give them a call today and check they’re ok. This will pass and we will prevail. In the mean time follow Granny’s advice here #coronavirus #Covid19" 

The video has proven so popular, in fact, that some are calling for ‘Wee Granny’ to provide daily updates during lockdown. A star is born!