Man accused of defecating during road rage confrontation blames IBS

Man accused of defecating during road rage confrontation blames IBS

A man accused of defecating during a road rage row with a fellow driver has claimed the incident was actually a major "misunderstanding" brought about by Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Retired farmer Henry George Weaver from New Tripoli in Pennsylvania was on route to the doctor's when the incident occurred.

According to Weaver, the flare-up happened after another driver suddenly pulled out in front of his vehicle at a busy intersection.

Speaking to NBC10, Weaver explained that both he and the other motorist got out of their cars following the near-miss.

An argument followed before Weaver's IBS supposedly kicked in, leaving him with little choice but to defecate close by.

Weaver claims the incident was a result of his near-miss with another car which was supposedly so close "it scared the dickens" out of him.

Reflecting on the subsequent turn of events, the retiree admitted: "There wasn't any choice in the matter."

Weaver told NBC10 the entire incident left him deeply embarrassed, especially as the other motorist took off before he had an opportunity to explain.

"He didn't say anything," Weaver said. "He just got into the car, drove off and called the police."

Weaver was eventually contacted by police at his home and, though he offered up an explanation, was still charged with harassment over the actions.

He's not yet decided whether he will fight the charge though, admitting "it was just one of those bad days made worse".

The incident comes just a couple of weeks after a "serial poo jogger" was caught on camera defecating outside of a neighbour's home.