Man charged with trespassing on grounds of Buckingham Palace

Man charged with trespassing on grounds of Buckingham Palace

A MAN has been charged with trespassing in the grounds of Buckingham Palace twice last Christmas, days before an intruder armed with a crossbow got into Windsor Castle.

Daniel Brydges (33) from Portsmouth, allegedly breached the perimeter of The Queen’s residence in London on December 18 and December 22 last year.

He is also accused of criminal damage on December 18 after allegedly damaging the barbed wire fence that surrounds the property.

Brydges is due to appear before Westminster magistrates court on Wednesday to face the charges for the first time.

The incidents last December came just a few days before 19-year-old Jaswant Singh Chail got into the grounds of Windsor Castle while armed with a crossbow on Christmas morning.

The Queen was in residence at the castle with members of her family at the time of the incident, and a Snapchat video later emerged showing a masked man posing with a crossbow and threatening to “assassinate The Queen”.

Chail was arrested in the grounds of the Royal residence and has been held since under the Mental Health Act.

Brydges is being prosecuted after an investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

He faces two charges of trespassing on a protected site and one count of criminal damage.

No pleas have yet been entered.