Man filmed being ejected from Lidl supermarket in Ireland for refusing to wear a mask

Man filmed being ejected from Lidl supermarket in Ireland for refusing to wear a mask

VIDEO FOOTAGE has surfaced online of staff at a branch of Lidl in Ireland ejecting a shopper for refusing to wear a mask. 

In the clip, posted to Twitter, a Lidl staff member can be seen asking the man to leave the supermarket. 

The man is not wearing any kind of face covering in the clip. 

He also refuses to heed to the Lidl worker’s request. 

“I'm not leaving the store,” he can be heard to say. 

“I know my constitutional rights.” 

The man then encourages the member of staff to “ring the police”. 

In a follow-up video, the man is then shown being refused service with two members of staff approaching him and taking his shopping off him. 

Throughout the footage, the unmasked man appears shocked at the actions of the supermarket worker. 

However, at no point does he consider donning any kind of face mask, instead arguing he is within his rights to not wear a covering. 

A third a final video shows the man outside the supermarket discussing the matter with several other individuals who appear to be Gardai. 

While the issue of masks and face coverings appears to be a constroversial one for a small sub-section of Irish society, the majority of people on Twitter applauded the Lidl staff for their handling of the situation. 

“100% behind @lidl_ireland for ejecting these clowns,” one person, who shared the video, wrote. 

“Spouting on about constitutional rights when they can barely operate a shopping trolley.” 

A second concurred, adding: “Their sense of entitlement to behave differently to everyone else is shocking!" 

A third, meanwhile, summed up the situation perfectly: “He may or may not have constitutional rights in relation to wearing a mask, but any business has the right to serve a customer or not.  

“Well done Lidl for sticking to your guns on this.”