Man removed from train by Gardaí for refusing to wear a mask

Man removed from train by Gardaí for refusing to wear a mask

A MAN was removed from a Cork-bound train yesterday evening after repeated clashes with staff who were asking him to wear a mask.

The passenger, who has not been named, was travelling on the 7pm Dublin - Cork train and was removed by Gardaí in Thurles at approximately 8.30pm.

Under new guidelines, citizens are required to wear a mask or face covering when using public transport in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission between passengers.

It is understood that Irish Rail staff contacted the police when the passenger repeatedly refused to comply with the new rules.

Joe Seward, another passenger who witnessed the incident, shared images of the moment the man was removed from the train by Gardaí.

Mr Seward stated that the passenger had repeatedly argued with Irish Rail staff when they had asked him to wear a mask.

"I got on at Thurles at 8.22pm," he wrote in a post accompanying the images.

"Two Gardaí boarded and arrested a middle aged man who refused to wear a face covering.

"He'd been asked repeatedly to put on a mask by a member of [Irish Rail] but refused."

A spokesperson for Irish Rail confirmed the incident to Dublin Live, saying:

"The 7pm Heuston to Cork service arrived at Thurles at 8.30pm.

"Gardaí boarded and removed a male who refused to wear a face covering."