Mrs Brown’s Boys viewers call for Rory to be killed off after replacement actor forgets his lines on New Year’s special

Mrs Brown’s Boys viewers call for Rory to be killed off after replacement actor forgets his lines on New Year’s special

MRS Brown’s Boys fans already irked by the recasting of Rory have been left incensed after the show’s replacement actor fluffed his lines during the New Year’s Day special.

Damien McKiernan – who only replaced show veteran Rory Cowan a week ago – caused fury on social media after he appeared to forget his new character’s name last night.

McKiernan entered the kitchen at the start of the show and rejected an offer of tea from Mrs Brown, adding: “I’m actually here to see you Rory” as he addressed Mark.

The cast burst out laughing as the newcomer sank to his knees in embarrassment.

The gaffe prompted show creator Brendan O’Carroll – still in character as Agnes – to say: “We’ve had all week to learn this but that was my fault”.

‘New Rory’ repeated his line and the episode continued as normal, but viewers were less than impressed as they expressed their dismay over the replacement online, with some calling for Rory Brown to be written out of the show entirely.

One tweeted: “Watching this ‘New Rory’ is like watching people put the milk in first when making a cup of tea – Terrible. Should’ve just written Rory out of the show completely.”

Another frustrated fan agreed the character should go, writing: "Let's face it, Rory was the only thing holding #MrsBrownsBoys together.

"This new Rory just isn't working out."

A third added: "I love Mrs Brown’s Boys but I’m still not liking the new Rory, second episode in and he’s f****ed up his lines already at least when the old Rory did it, it was funny.”

Nevertheless, others leapt to McKiernan’s defence and suggested that the actor should be given time to settle into his new role.

One wrote: “I really, really HATE that everyone is moaning about the new actor playing Rory. Stop being horrible and give the guy a chance!”

While another said: “Hilarious! Great that #Finglas in #Dublin gets a good mention across #Britain! New Rory kinda settling in & Hopefully it won't be too long till the next show!”

The switch came after Cowan, 58, quit the show last year following some two decades in his beloved role as Mrs Brown’s son.

He revealed that he hadn’t been “happy” for some time and even claimed he wouldn’t be tuning into the show in future.

He told the Irish Mirror: “I’ve got no interest in Mrs Brown’s Boys. I left that show six months ago so it’s not something I want to revisit.

“And whoever replaced me is not my business either. Whatever happens with Mrs Brown’s Boys, I’m not interested.”