'My first instinct was to jump in and try to help' - Hero teen saves two young boys from Boyne river

'My first instinct was to jump in and try to help' - Hero teen saves two young boys from Boyne river

AN IRISH teenager has been hailed a hero after rescuing two young boys from the River Boyne in Navan, Co Meath.

On Wednesday, 16-year-old Callum Keane was out walking with his girlfriend when he heard a boy screaming for help.

It's understood that two 11-year-olds had got into difficulty in the water.

Callum said he could see the boy's friends in distress on the bank of the river and told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that his "first instinct was to jump in and try to help him."

He found one boy stuck in the reeds of the river, while the other was struggling in the current.

Callum said he "stomped the weeds down" for the first boy, and had to "carry the other fella over my shoulder and carry him out to the bank" to get him to safety.

Callum added: "He was a bit in shock, was really shaking, but he and his friends were really grateful.

"Fair play to him, I don't know how he wasn't swept away as the current was really strong".

Callum told the programme that what he learned in swimming lessons he had taken when he was young "definitely helped and stuck with me".

An ambulance and gardai soon arrived on the scene and checked on the young boys.

Callum's mother Claudine Coffey told the programme she was "absolutely proud of him" and that "he doesn't realise what he has done and the bravery".

She said he was calm, but shaking when she met him afterwards and wondered why they were fussing about him.

Chairman of the Meath River Rescue Christopher Rennicks called to see Callum, she said, and told them the part of the river where the incident happened was very dangerous although it looks safe and shallow.

Last night a woman rang Meath River Rescue after she saw the two young boys in trouble and Mr Rennicks said the woman stayed on the phone with him and saw Callum jump in to help them.

Mr Rennicks paid tribute to Callum saying: "He is an amazing chap to do what he did.

"Our message to everyone is to stay away from the water, it is too dangerous. It could have been a lot worse."