Nigel Farage left red-faced after falling for Remainer prank phone call live on air

Nigel Farage left red-faced after falling for Remainer prank phone call live on air

BREXIT PARTY leader Nigel Farage was left far from happy after he was forced to contend with a prank call from a Remain supporter on his LBC radio show.

A man, known only as Mark, managed to get past the off-air researchers on The Nigel Farage Show and gained actual air-time speaking to the former UKIP party leader.

The unsuspecting Farage took the call from ‘Mark’, believing him to be a former Remainer turned avid Brexiteer and no.1 Nigel Farage fan.

However, as the call in to London’s LBC radio station progressed, it began to become painfully clear that ‘Mark’ was not who he claimed to be.

“I’ve got to say, I’m immensely grateful to you for everything you’ve done in British politics over the last few years,” ‘Mark’ said.

“I used to be a remainer; I believed in the European project. I believed that staying in the European Union was the best thing for us.

“Then something monumental happened and completely changed my view on the whole situation.”

Taking the bait, hook, line and sinker, Farage responded with some degree of genuine concern: “What was that monumental thing, Mark?”

Seizing his moment ‘Mark’ delivered his punchline with aplomb, telling Farage: “Er, I was kicked in the head by a horse.”

Evidently something of a seasoned pro when it comes to dealing with pranksters, Farage kept his cool, even if his irritation was evident.

“Right. Very good,” he replied.

“Okay, fine. Mark, we’re going to move on from that.”

An avid Brexiteer, Farage has been among those to call for Boris Johnson to offer his resignation following the UK Supreme Court’s ruling that the recent suspension of parliament was unlawful.

“As a matter of honour, @BorisJohnson must go to the House of Commons and offer his resignation,” he tweeted.

A controversial figure on both sides of the Irish Sea, Farage previously sparked anger on the Emerald Isle when he predicted Ireland would “leave the European Union too”.

Citing Ireland’s initial rejection of the Lisbon treaty, he continued to push the idea Irexit is not a case of if but when.

"Just as you were all going to vote for the Lisbon Treaty but in the end you didn't, you voted against the Lisbon Treaty, you were forced to vote again," he said.

Byrne countered these claims once again though, stating that the Irish public voted again after receiving assurances it would retain sovereignty on issues like corporation tax.
Farage was undaunted though, reflecting that all of the debate was “meaningless anyway” as he feels the EU will cease to exist in the not-too-distant future.