Over 250 Irish lorry drivers stuck at English ports due to UK travel ban

Over 250 Irish lorry drivers stuck at English ports due to UK travel ban

MORE than 250 Irish lorry drivers are currently stranded at ports in England after Ireland imposed a 48 hour travel ban from the UK.

Fears are growing that they could be stuck there for a prolonged period, with reports emerging that the travel ban could be extended, even beyond Christmas.

There are however, according to Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney, ongoing efforts to repatriate any Irish citizens stranded abroad.

The president of the Irish Road Haulage Association Eugene Drennan spoke on RTE's Morning Ireland programme to discuss the issue.

He warned that no business or trucker should attempt to move goods today unless they have a confirmed boat booking.

"Nobody, no haulier, no trucker, no factory should load a truck this morning if that truck hasn't got a confirmed boat booking to go direct to the continent and there are no boats direct to the continent this day," Mr Drennan said.

"We don't have the service line. I've been calling for it all through this year and a report came out that said we had enough capacity and we were safe, well this morning rubbishes that report.

"We don't have the capacity and we don't have the direct lines into the mainland continent for our goods this morning.

"The ferry companies have to do their utmost to get us home and that leaves something to be desired at the moment."