Over 400 Irish expats to become Australian Citizens today

Over 400 Irish expats to become Australian Citizens today

TODAY, on Australia Day, over 400 Irish people will become Australian citizens.

A total of 420 people will be granted citizenship, according to Visa Company VisaFirst, with around 1,500 expected to obtain Australian passports this year.

Edwina Shanahan of VisaFirst said that the number of Irish people being awarded citizenship in Australia is ever increasing.

 “Last year saw Ireland move from eighth to sixth position in the top 10 countries applying for Permanent Resident visa grants in Australia, behind India, China, UK, Philippines and Pakistan,” she said.

New citizens also have the opportunity to affirm their loyalty to Australia by taking the Australian Citizenship pledge.

Irish expats must be living in Australia for a period that includes 12 months as a permanent resident visa holder, in order to gain citizenship.

In addition, they must not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total in the four-year period before applying, and no more than 90 days absent from the country in the year before applying.