Parent of one of the students involved in school 'sexual assault list' issues statement

Parent of one of the students involved in school 'sexual assault list' issues statement

A PARENT of one of the students at a school in Co. Cork, where a 'sexual assault list' was discovered in the male toilets, has spoken of the effect the incident, and the subsequent media attention has had on her daughter.

Yesterday, another parent of a student of the Davis College, Mallow went on The Neil Prendeville Show on Cork's Red FM to discuss the incident, much to the dissatisfaction of other parents and students.

A parent of a student who was directly involved in the incident issued a statement:

“The minute that the school was made aware of this incidence they acted quickly to have this list removed and sat down with each of the students directly affected, including my daughter. Following her conversation with her teachers in the school she was ready to move on and put this unpleasant incidence behind her. When we were made aware that a parent, not directly involved, was going to go on air to discuss this issue, it was something which my daughter and I were categorically against, and requested that the radio station not run a piece, which would open old wounds and put my daughter in the spotlight.

"My daughter and our family do not want her personal life talked about in the media, on radio, print or online. This is something which was upsetting enough for my daughter at the time, and who now is distraught after hearing about it being talked about across the airwaves. While her name may not be mentioned, as you know in small communities, this type of information cannot be kept secret for long. I would really appreciate if you could respect the privacy of my daughter, a minor, and not give any more media publicity to an issue which is being handled effectivity by the school.”

A follow-up statement was released today by the girls involved in the incident, those that were included on “the list”.

It read: "We would like to stress our disappointment in the media coverage in bringing this incident into the public domain, without considering the impact this publicity would have on us as individuals.

"When we reported the information to school management we were happy with how the situation was dealt with as it was dealt with discretely and our privacy and dignity were kept intact.

"We greatly appreciate all the work and the support the school has given us.

"We are devastated that incorrect information has been given to the media. We are angered that people with no connection to the incident took it upon themselves to contact the media and speak about our situation.

"This has left us vulnerable and open to public opinion.

"We are devastated.

"We appeal for privacy."

The principal of Davis College Mallow, Stephen Gilbert has said: "A thorough investigation is underway to investigate who may have been the author of the piece. We can confirm that this matter has also been referred to the Gardaí.”

A number of the students involved are in the middle of their Leaving Certificate Oral Exams.