Parents of Nora Quoirin file civil action against Malaysian holiday resort

Parents of Nora Quoirin file civil action against Malaysian holiday resort

THE PARENTS of Nora Quoirin, the 15-year-old who died after disappearing while on holiday with her family in Malaysia, have launched a civil case against the resort they were staying at.

The mentally-handicapped schoolgirl disappeared from her room at the Dusun Resort at an unspecified time on the night of August 4 or early hours of August 5.

Her room was found empty and largely untouched, save for a window that could only be opened from the inside, which was found open at the time of her disappearance.

Her body was discovered 10 days, following an extensive search of the region, several miles from where she was staying, near Kuala Lumpur.

A subsequent post-mortem determined that Nora died as a result of internal bleeding brought about by a combination of stress and hunger.

Despite the findings of Malaysian officials, her parents believe there was a "criminal element" to her death.

Now Meabh Josephine Quoirin, from Belfast, and Sebastien Marie Philippe Quoirin have filed a civil case against the operator of the Dusun Resort, Helen Marion Todd.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, their claim is that Todd failed to keep the resort safe and secure for their stay.

They cite specific concerns over a lack of CCTV security and the fact that the window ledge of the room in which Nora stayed had not been properly maintained.

The claim amounts to £34,000 in damages and has been fired on their behalf by lawyer Sankara Nair.

The director of the Dusun Resort, Haanim Bamadhaj, had confirmed that confirmation of the civil suit has been received.

The case will now take place at Seremban Sessions Court on January 21.