People of Ireland must RETURN to how they acted in springtime - Dr Ronan Glynn

People of Ireland must RETURN to how they acted in springtime - Dr Ronan Glynn

DR RONAN GLYNN has issued a stark warning to the people of Ireland about the fight against Covid-19.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer said that we must return to the way we acted in April and May to stand the best chance of reducing the recent swell of cases in the country.

Dr Glynn admitted that the fight against the virus has "deteriorated nationally" to such a point that preventative measures that were in place back in the Spring may have to be reinstated in order to take back control.

The caution comes amid news of a recently-released letter which suggests the Cabinet failed to act on alarming warnings from the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) last Friday.

Health experts apparently told the Government that they needed to act fast to prevent the Covid-19 situation in Dublin from spiralling out of control, but nothing was done. Ever since, the virus has Beene escalating around the country.

On Tuesday, Ireland recorded its highest daily tally of new coronavirus cases since May. The majority of those cases were confirmed to be in the Irish capital.

When asked if it was time to return to how we were acting back in Spring, Dr Glynn said: "Unfortunately, it is and I know that's not easy."

The public has also been urged to halve their contacts as the country will have to "make difficult choices nationally," while Dr Glynn warned of "particularly concerning trends" in counties Louth, Waterford and Donegal.