'What a pile of s***e' - Ireland reacts to the final episode of Game of Thrones

'What a pile of s***e' - Ireland reacts to the final episode of Game of Thrones

GAME OF Thrones has concluded after eight seasons and 73 episodes.

And while the medieval fantasy series enjoyed plenty of praise during much of its run, the eighth and final season has proven divisive among fans.

That’s certainly been the case in Ireland, where reactions have run the entire gamut of emotions from heartfelt joy to absolute despair.

Though, for the most part, it was mostly despair.

Before anything even started, the challenge was to get through Monday without having the final episode spoiled.

Then it was on to actually watching the episode itself.

To say fans were disappointed would be putting it mildly...


In fact, some fans were left genuinely traumatised...

One fan found a positive...well, sort of.

But at least they were able to celebrate the Irish stars of the show.

And everyone loves Liam Cunningham.

In all fairness to the big man, Ser Davos Seaworth stayed pretty true to his roots, right?

However the series' ending with - SPOILER ALERT - Bran ending up on the Iron Throne didn't sit so well with fans.

Thankfully, Brian Gregan was able to spot a great gag that no one else could have possibly come up with. Never.

Good one, Brian.

Other folk found fault with the unflattering name handed to the new king.

Despite the backlash, some notable names came out in defence of Game of Thrones.

One even claimed to like it, though it may have been a gag.

Others were already thinking about the future...

While one Irish celeb was wondering whether it was worth starting watching the show now...

From the looks of the reactions on Twitter, maybe not Laura.

In any case, the notion that the final season might be remade as a result of an online petition prompted belly laughs for some.

So at least there's that.