Pogues legend Shane MacGowan gives fans positive update after suffering shattered knee

Pogues legend Shane MacGowan gives fans positive update after suffering shattered knee

POGUES legend Shane MacGowan has provided fans with a positive update as he continues his recovery at home after suffering a painful fall. 

The iconic singer is resting up at home in Dublin with his wife Victoria Mary Clarke following a brief hospitalisation at the back end of last year. 

MacGowan was left in a bad way after suffering a shattered knee during the fall. 

However, he appears back to something approaching his best now. 

Taking to his official Instagram page, the 63-year-old shared a picture of himself smiling alongside a classic line of lyrics from his days with The Pogues. 

Sporting an angels scarf knitted by his wife and journalist Victoria Mary Clarke, MacGowan’s heartwarming snap was accompanied by a couple of lines from Streets of London. 

He wrote: “’May the angels bright, watch you tonight, and keep you while you sleep’ - Lullaby of London”. 

MacGowan also took a moment to pay tribute to his devoted wife, who has been caring for him following the accident. 

“Victoria’s angel scarves are brilliant, everyone should have one @victoriamaryclarke,” he said. 

MacGowan has begun physio work on the broken knee but remains in some pain. 

Clarke told the Irish Sun:“The cast came off and he had his first bit of physio a couple of days ago. 

“And obviously it’s painful because the leg hasn’t been moved for a long time, since Christmas basically the leg hasn’t been moved, so it does hurt. 

“But he’s got a nice physio. Finbar Furey, his son Finn is a physio. He’s giving him some exercises to do to get the leg moving. 

“Hopefully when the lockdown ends we’ll get him in the gym!” 

Bed-ridden and in pain as a result, Clarke revealed how he is “in a cast and can’t get out of bed” and had also “lost his appetite”. 

The accident happened when MacGowan was getting out of his wheelchair to get into bed. 

“Some days are better than others. He doesn’t complain about being in pain but it can be hard,” Clarke said. 

“He tore a ligament and he was in a brace and just as the brace came off he fell and he broke the knee, so it’s been very tough.” 

Clarke previously opened up in an Instagram post about the difficulties she has faced in looking after Shane during his recovery. 

She wrote: “A lot of the time I feel guilty about not doing enough for Shane, not being superhuman not having enough energy not being able to heal him or even always be sweet and kind to him and sometimes his needs trigger resentment and anger in me and then I feel guilty about not being high vibrational and not being full of love and light and joy and positivity. “It’s not easy to accept that I just am what I am and I am trying my best. 

“I think that a lot of people can feel this way? 

“Unable to find our own joy and radiance and energy because we are overwhelmed by the needs of the people we love.” 

Thankfully, MacGowan now appears on the mend and looking ahead to more positive times.