Police equip domestic abuse victims with safety alarms and motion detectors at home

Police equip domestic abuse victims with safety alarms and motion detectors at home

POLICE are offering a range of personal safety equipment to domestic abuse victims in a bid to help them “feel safer” in their homes and when they are out in public.

Personal safety alarms and motion detectors are among the items being offered in domestic abuse packs in a move by PSNI officers in the Derry City & Strabane District.

Funded by the Derry & Strabane Policing and Community safety Partnership (PCSP), the equipment incudes personal safety alarms and home security equipment such as motion detectors.

That initiative has been funded by Derry & Strabane PCSP.

Foyleside and The Moor Neighbourhood Policing Team Constable Rebecca Nelson said: “We are very grateful to Derry & Strabane PCSP for funding this equipment.

“Our aim is to ensure that victims feel safe and feel supported by police.

“We believe this equipment will help victims feel safer at home, and when they’re out and about.”

She added: “We also hope it gives them the reassurance we are doing all we can as a Police Service to support and protect them.

“Tackling domestic abuse, in all its forms, remains a top priority and we will continue to relentlessly pursue perpetrators and work with our partners to create safe places in our communities for victims to reach out for help.”

The purchase of the security equipment for these packs follows the installation of CCTV cameras last year at the homes of victims of domestic abuse who were deemed as being at high risk.

That initiative was also funded by Derry & Strabane PCSP.

PCSP Chair, Councillor Sandra Duffy said: “Derry and Strabane PCSP are delighted to announce that they are providing small items of security to PSNI for inclusion in domestic abuse packs.

“The domestic abuse packs will be handed out by PSNI to victims or those at risk of becoming victims of domestic abuse within the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.

“The aim of this partnership approach is to help tackle domestic abuse in all its forms by giving victims within our community who reach out for help a sense of control to feel safe and secure in their home against their perpetrator.”

In September 2022, the PSNI launched its first Tackling Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Action Plan, where is vowed to use every power available to pursue those who seek to harm women and girls.

“Please come forward and report to police if you are suffering domestic abuse, or any other type of abuse, intimidation or violence,” the PSNI stated this week.

“All reports will be taken seriously, followed by transparent and professional investigations.

If you have any reason to think someone is in immediate danger, or your life may be at risk, call 999.”

They added: “If you’re experiencing domestic abuse or any other type of abuse or intimidation, or are concerned for someone who is, report it to us by calling 101.

“Calling ‘999’ for help, but too afraid to speak? Dial 55 on your mobile phone when calling in an emergency and the operator will know that you need to be put through to police.”