Pond filled with human excrement found behind Irish takeaway restaurant

Pond filled with human excrement found behind Irish takeaway restaurant

IN the northwest of Ireland, one restaurant was served an immediate closure notice due to unsanitary working conditions.

One Indian restaurant, Saffron eatery and takeaway, has been closed down due to the discovery of a pond of excrement in the near perimeters to the manufacturing and preparation of food.

According to The Irish Times  ,  a manhole had been established in a nearby area to where the staff of the restaurant were making food for customers. The manhole was filled with human excrement, which eventually launched into a pond of excrement.

Food Safety Authority Ireland commented on why the closure of the takeaway business was so necessary. According to officials who inspected the area, "human excrement was overflowing and ponding in an area beside the shed in which the potato peeler was located due to an overflowing manhole..."

The report included news of the staff members who "would be standing in the excrement" while using kitchen utensils, including the kitchen potato peeler and thereby "carrying [excrement] it into the food premises on their shoes".

Officials conducting the report recalled that they discovered "dirt, mould and encrusted food" on the windows of the restaurant and takeaway, in the sinks and on floors and doors throughout the premises. While inspecting the cold area of the kitchen, officials also found "food storage containers in the fridge were covered with black mould".