Popular Dublin priest in his 80s allegedly 'searched for naked boy scouts on Facebook'

Popular Dublin priest in his 80s allegedly 'searched for naked boy scouts on Facebook'

A DUBLIN priest described as a “popular and well-known figure in his diocese” has reportedly been accused of searching for “naked boy scouts” on Facebook.

A report from Dublin Live alleges that a retired cleric in his mid 80s searched for "naked boy scouts" and "boy scouts nude" on the social media website.

The accusations stem from a post, believed to be a status update, in which the unnamed suspect wrote “naked boy scouts” alongside a half photo of the suspect and the caption “boys scouts nude”.

Though yet unconfirmed, it is widely believed that the messages were posted in error by the priest who is thought to be unclear on the inner workings of Facebook.

A spokesman for his Religious Order has confirmed to Dublin Live that they are aware of the ongoing situation.

They also confirmed that the matter is being investigated by Gardai.

"As soon as we became aware of the situation our Designated Liaison Person for child safeguarding contacted TUSLA, the NBSCCCI and the Gardaí,” a spokesperson said.

"We followed the procedures for National child- safeguarding as indicated on NBSCCCI website."

The suspect has worked in close proximity with children as part of his parish for much of the past 50 years. No further details on the suspect or incident have been reported at this time.

The report comes two months after a disgraced Paedophile Irish ex-priest who raped and abused at least 25 children was arrested in Portugal.

Oliver O’Grady, 74, stands accused of possessing child pornography.

He is charged with one count of possessing a video of a semi-naked underage girl engaging in a sexual act, which is contrary to Section Six of the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act.

He has yet to indicate how he will plead following extradition from Portugal