Potato blight, rain and flood warnings for Ireland as 2020 keeps getting better

Potato blight, rain and flood warnings for Ireland as 2020 keeps getting better

HOW ARE those staycations going lads?

After a few days of sunshine and then warm cloudy days, Ireland's summer has gone back to basics with torrential rain forecast for more than half the country.

14 counties-- including the whole of Munster, Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Wexford, Wicklow, Offaly and Galway-- have been issued with a Status Yellow warning from Met Eireann.

The warning-- in effect for 24 hours from 7am today until 7am tomorrow -- has predicted heavy and thundery rain with localised flooding and accumulations of 25-40 mm of rain in places.

Just gives you that summer feeling, right?

This means if you're one of the crowds of people who are spending their staycations in popular areas like Cork, Kerry, Clare of Galway-- it's going to be a washout.

Torrential overnight downpours will lead to flooding in places

Met Eireann have also issued a special advisory for all 26 counties in the Republic, warning that "unseasonably wet and windy weather is expected at times this week with further rainfall warnings likely".

Wind warnings are also likely to be issued this week, with blustery weather on Thursday and Friday expected to create "unsafe conditions" on high ground, lakes and sea areas-- so basically, anywhere you might want to spend your  holiday.

And if that just wasn't enough good news, a potato blight warning is also in effect for the whole country, following the hot weather and now repeated downpours which is conducive to the spread of the disease.

What a wonderful year this is.