President Zelenskyy invites Leo Varadkar to visit Ukraine

President Zelenskyy invites Leo Varadkar to visit Ukraine

TAOISEACH LEO Varadkar yesterday spoke to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, with the President of Ukraine extending New Year's wishes to the people of Ireland and expressing his appreciation for Ireland's support of Ukraine.

The Taoiseach assured Mr Zelenskyy of Ireland’s ongoing solidarity, and said Ireland is resolute in backing Ukraine’s application for EU membership. He also invited the Taoiseach to visit Ukraine at a future opportunity.

He said that the 70,000 Ukrainians that had sought refuge in Ireland were welcome, and that the Irish people were responding to their difficult situation with great generosity.

The Taoiseach said Ireland would continue to provide financial and other assistance to Ukraine. He also reiterated that Ireland was very aware of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, and was pleased to help with equipment to repair its electricity grid, such as the large transformer sent from Ireland to Ukraine this month.

President Zelenskyy highlighted his ten-point Peace Formula. The Taoiseach expressed his support for the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and for holding those responsible for the war to account.

Mr Zelenskyy assured the Taoiseach that the people of Ukraine remained strong and were determined that Russia will not win its war of aggression.