Primark founder's grandson hailed a 'hero' for trying to save girlfriend

Primark founder's grandson hailed a 'hero' for trying to save girlfriend

THE grandson of Primark founder Arthur Ryan, whose body was found after being missing at sea for 10 days, was hailed as a hero at his funeral.

The community of Baltimore, west Cork gathered on Monday to pay their respects to Barry Davis Ryan, 21, who was one of three people who lost their lives in a tragic accident. 

In a tribute read out on behalf of his mother Ann at the Requiem Mass of Barry Jnr, he was described as a hero, just like his father Barry Snr, 51.

The student was last seen on June 30 when he leapt into the sea to save his 20-year-old girlfriend Niamh O’Connor, who had been dragged in by a freak wave.

Over 100 divers from across the country had taken part in the search to locate the body of Barry Jnr, amidst the threat of poor weather conditions hampering the operation.

Barry Jnr’s uncle, Danny Kelly, read out a special tribute: "He loved his soulmate, the beautiful Niamh, with all his heart. And he selflessly died trying to save her.

"Barry, just like his father, was a hero, who, without hesitation, was willing to die for love. Barry found his true love when he met Niamh... they are now together forever."

His father entered the sea to try and save the pair, but his body, along with Ms O’Connor’s, was found shortly afterwards.

His sister Charlotte read a poem, My Little Wizard Chap, which was written by her father for Barry in 2000.

The funerals of Ms O’Connor and Barry Snr took place on Saturday, July 4 and Sunday, July 5, respectively.