PSNI accepts petition from Fiona Donohoe seeking justice for her son Noah

PSNI accepts petition from Fiona Donohoe seeking justice for her son Noah

THE PSNI has accepted a petition from Fiona Donohoe which seeks to prevent the redaction of information related her son's death on public interest grounds.

Noah Donohoe was found dead in a storm drain in Belfast in June 2020, six days after he went missing.

The mother of the 14-year-old Noah Donohoehas raised concerns about a number of folders of sensitive police material and is seeking to secure answers to questions surrounding his death through an going inquest process.

During a preliminary hearing at the inquest into Noah's death in December 2021, counsel for the PSNI indicated it would be likely to request a Public Interest Immunity certificate (PII certificate) on what it called a "limited amount" of material in three police evidence folders.

Material is currently being prepared for potential PII certifications, however the PSNI has said no decision has yet been made.

More than 280,000 people signed the petition calling for the release of the files.

A large gathering of people outside police headquarters yesterday supported Ms Donohoe as she handed over the petition to Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton.

Speaking to Singleton, Ms Donohoe said the files need to be released to secure justice.

Her sister asked whether Chief Constable Simon Byrne had given Singleton a message to give to them.

He responded: "We’re absolutely determined to do everything we can to bring justice for Noah.

"We’ve been working with the coroner and we will continue to work with you and the rest of the family to make sure we achieve that.

"PII is being considered, no decisions have been taken at this time.

"I thank you for bringing this petition to us today."

Afterward, Fiona Donohoe tweeted to thank everyone who showed up to the headquarters.

South Belfast SDLP MP Claire Hanna and Strangford DUP MP Jim Shannon have also written to the PSNI asking for full disclosure of relevant evidence about the case.

"While I understand that the coroner will ultimately be responsible for assessing and publishing all information relevant to this case, it is vital that people can have confidence that cats relating to the case are disclosed to the inquiry into the tragic loss of this beloved boy," Hanna wrote to Chief Constable Simon Byrne.

Ms Donohoe also recently appeared on the podcast 'Anything Goes with James English,' where she outlined her thoughts on the circumstances and investigation into her son's death. Watch it below: