QAnon ‘Shaman’ Jacob Chansley willing to testify against Donald Trump

QAnon ‘Shaman’ Jacob Chansley willing to testify against Donald Trump

ONE OF the most prominent Donald Trump supporters from the January 6 riots in Washington has said he is willing to testify against the president in his upcoming impeachment trial. 

Self-proclaimed ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley emerged as something of a symbol of the chaos that unfolded inside the Capitol Building earlier this month. 

Decked out in face-paint, animal fur and a horned hat, Chansley was photographed front-and-centre during the riots and was among the first arrested in the wake of the violence that left five dead. 

Now, according to his lawyer Albert Watkins, Chansley is willing to testify at Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, which will begin during the second week of February. 

Watkins said his client was once “horrendously smitten” by Trump but has been left disillusioned after the ex-President failed to grant a pardon to him and the other supporters arrested after the January 6 riots. 

“He felt like he was betrayed by the president,” he said.   

The ‘QAnon Shaman’s’ lawyer was keen to clarify he had yet to speak to any member of the Senate about the offer but added that he felt it was important that senators heard from someone who was allegedly incident by Trump’s words. 

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A regular fixture at Trump rallies over the past few months, Chansley is just one of several of the former President’s supporters facing charges. 

Several are expected to feature prominently in the case against Trump, with the impeachment trial seeking to establish the extent of his responsibility in triggering the violence in Washington.  

Chansley of one of four facing charges who have claimed they were taking their lead from Trump. 

That number includes Irish-American Texas realtor Jenna Ryan, who claimed she was just “following orders” from the President. 

Chansley has been charged with civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, demonstrating in a Capitol building and other counts.   

Prosecutors claim, among other things, that Chansley left a threatening note to Mike Pence in the Senate chamber. 

He claims to have come to the Capitol at the request of Trump.