Ronan Keating clashes with wife Storm during awkward radio call live on air

Ronan Keating clashes with wife Storm during awkward radio call live on air

RONAN KEATING was left rather red-faced after an awkward conversation with his wife Storm on live radio.

During a segment of his show on Magic FM, the Boyzone star confidently told co-host Harriett Scott that he's in charge when it comes to Christmas decorations in the Keating household.

He stressed that if he wanted to put decorations up as early as October, his wife would let him, and to prove it, Ronan decided to give her a call.

"I was just telling the guys in the studio that I usually make the decisions when it comes to the Christmas decorations, Halloween and everything, I can just push the button and do what I want," he said.

"Harriet doesn't believe me that I'm going to start putting the Christmas decorations up now. That's alright isn't it?"

But Storm clearly didn't think so.

"What do you mean, like, baby we haven't even had Halloween yet," she replied.

Ronan however decided to double down, but Storm wasn't budging, even if it meant a having cringeworthy stand-off with her husband.

"I know, but that [Halloween] is next week and it'll be over in no time. But if I start the Christmas decorations today you're fine with that aren't you?" The singer asked.

Storm replied: "Um ... I dunno ... can we talk about this when you get home? Do you mind?"

Ronan Keating and his wife Storm 

She went on to say that she didn't want to confuse the couple's three-year-old son Cooper by jump-starting Christmas before Halloween had even happened.

Ronan likely had an eye on promoting Magic FM's 'Christmas Now' initiative, where the station has decided to unashamedly play Christmas music despite the fact that Christmas Day is still *checks notes* over two months away ... which means there's still 17% of a full calendar year to get through before Santy comes.

Too early, Ronan, too early.