Roy Keane clashes with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp live on air in awkward exchange

Roy Keane clashes with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp live on air in awkward exchange

ROY KEANE and Jurgen Klopp were involved in a rather awkward exchange after the Liverpool boss challenged the former Manchester United star live on air during an episode of Monday Night Football.

Following the Reds' impressive 3-1 victory over Arsenal at Anfield yesterday, Keane suggested that the defending champions were 'sloppy', despite taking all three points and enjoying 66% of possession on the night.

Few people ever dare to challenge the fierce Irishman, but when Klopp caught wind of Keane's comment shortly before his post-match interview he decided to do exactly that.

"Did I hear right, Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight? Did he say that?" Klopp asked.

As fellow pundit Jamie Carragher looked on in a childlike state of pure glee, Sky Sports' Dave Jones handed things over to Keane, who - it's fair to say - was a little red in the face.

"I think they gave up one or two opportunities which he will be disappointed with," he responded.

But Klopp refused to back down,

"Did he say that it was sloppy? I want to hear it. I am not sure I heard it right and maybe he was speaking about another game.

"It cannot be this game. Sorry, that is an incredible description of this game."

The German went on: "That was absolutely exceptional. Nothing, absolutely nothing was sloppy. Dominant against a team 100% in form and be careful as hell that we did not get caught on the counter-attack.

"Alisson had to make one save, they had two chances in behind but apart from that the football we played was exceptional tonight.

"This game tonight - there is nothing bad to say. It was the opposite of sloppy."

Keane responded: "You might have misheard me. There were sloppy moments but I think you have been outstanding and I have been giving the club nothing but praise. I am not sure you heard me correctly, you need to hear the rest of it."

Klopp laughed and said: "I will, 100%."

Never one to be shown up by someone wearing Liverpool colours, after the post-match interview Keane said: "Very sensitive, isn't he? Imagine if he'd lost."

Liverpool joined Leicester City and Everton at the top of the Premier League table on three wins each after goals from Sadio Mane, Andy Robertson and new signing Diogo Jota cancelled out Alexander Lacazette's opener for the Gunners.