Russian state TV shows simulation of nuclear attack on Ireland

Russian state TV shows simulation of nuclear attack on Ireland

RUSSIAN STATE television has broadcasted a simulation of a nuclear attack on Ireland in response to the UK's support for Ukraine.

The clips were broadcast on Russia-1, the most watched television channel in Russia, and were introduced by Dmitry Kiselyov who was appointed by Vladimir Putin in 2013 to head the Russian state-controlled media group Rossiya Segodnya

While Ireland is not specifically mentioned in the clips, the footage shows the 'British Isles' being wiped off the map by a nuclear weapon.

"Another option is to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea using Russia's unmanned underwater vehicles Poseidon," Kiselyov says, according to a translation from Francis Scarr who monitors Russian media for the BBC.

"It approaches its target at a depth of 1km at a speed of 200km per hour. There's no way of stopping this underwater drone. The warhead on it has held of up to 100 megatonnes.

"The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo by Britain's coastline will cause a gigantic tsunami wave up to 500m high.

"Such a barrage alone also carries extreme doses of radiation. Having passed over the British Isles it will turn whatever might be left of them into a radioactive desert, unfit for anything for a long time."

The graphic shows a missile occurring off the coast of Donegal which proceeds to wipe out both Ireland and Britain.

"It actually seems like they're raving on the British Isles," Kiselyov says in another clip criticising Boris Johnson and UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

"Why threaten never-ending Russia with nuclear weapons when you're on an island which, you know, is so small? The island is so small that just one Sarmat missile is sufficient to sink it once and for all."

Mr Kiselyov, who is on an EU sanctions list, has a weekly show, News of the Week, which is viewed as a vehicle of Kremlin propaganda.