Ryanair passengers left raging as Irish airline's new baggage charges come in from today

Ryanair passengers left raging as Irish airline's new baggage charges come in from today

RYANAIR passengers have expressed their dismay after the airline changed its baggage rules for the second time in a year today.

From Thursday morning, passengers will no longer be allowed to put any luggage in the hold free of charge and anyone looking to bring anything more than a 'small personal bag' onboard will have to pay a fee.

Anyone who wishes to take a 10kg bag such as a pull-along suitcase into the cabin will have to pay £6 or €6 for Priority Boarding, rising to £8 or €8 if booked late.

A charge of £8 or €8 will have to be paid if the luggage is checked into the hold instead, similarly rising to £10/€10 depending on timing.

Ryanair said the move – its second alteration to hand luggage rules in 2018 – is necessary to reduce delays.

In January, the airline began a policy which allowed non-Priority Boarding passengers to take a personal bag onboard while a second, larger bag could be put in the hold free of charge.

But this quickly resulted in delays with up to 120 bags having to be tagged at boarding gates for each flight.

The previous lowest price for checked luggage was £25 for up to 20kg, which remains an option for those with heavier cases.

Meanwhile, the maximum size permitted for 'personal bags' has now been increased by 40%.


Ryanair claims most passengers will be unaffected by the new changes, as a third already buy Priority Boarding and a further third travel with only a 'personal bag'.

And the airline insists it will not make more money from the new rules, as it will lose revenue from passengers with checked bags switching from the £25 fee to the new lower charges.

But some passengers are convinced that the new policy amounts to a "money making scam", and have taken to social media to express their outrage at today's changes - which were first announced in August.

One furious flier tweeted: "#Ryanair new cabin luggage policy just another example of their contempt for their customers".

Another said: "I suspect it won't be too long before you start charging if people want to travel with both their arms. One travels free. The other costs an extra £10".

A third added: "So if everyone buys priority boarding to comply with luggage rules, who gets priority because all will get priority - so priority boarding just becomes boarding!"

Other even called for a boycott of Ryanair along with its rival Wizz Air, who have announced similar new baggage charges.

A statement on the Irish airline's website read: "Main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and cheaper checked bag option.

"Pack more liquids into a 10kg checked wheelie bag. Walk to the boarding gate hands free."