Schoolgirl, 6, cries and begs for help as police handcuff and arrest her after she hit teacher

Schoolgirl, 6, cries and begs for help as police handcuff and arrest her after she hit teacher

A SIX-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl was seen crying and begging her teachers for help as police officers arrested her and put her in the back of their patrol car.

The incident occurred in September at an elementary school in Orlando, Florida and was captured on one of the officer's body-cams.

The footage shows pupil Kaia Rolle crying and asking officers to "give me another chance", before they restrain her hands with cable-ties and escort her to their car.

Kaia was reportedly arrested after kicking and punching members of staff at the school.

The officer responsible for the arrest, Dennis Turner, was fired shortly after, with local police chief Orlando Rolon saying that Turner failed to follow department policy of getting the approval of a watch commander to arrest someone younger than 12.

Kaia's family, who were outraged with the arrest, shared the footage with a number of media outlets.

"What are those for?" Kaia can be heard asking about the cable-ties in the video.

"They're for you," officer Turner says, before another officer tightens them around her wrists and Kaia begins to cry.

While being restrained, she can be heard saying to one of the teachers: "Help me. Help me, please!"

As she is being walked outside, she cries, "I don’t want to go in a police car."

One of the officers responds: "You don’t want to? You have to."

"Please, give me a second chance," Kaia pleads.

In the clip, the officer then brags about having arrested other minors, and attempts to reassure school officials that the juvenile detention centre is not that bad.

He tells them he's made more than 6,000 arrests in his career, including of a seven-year-old, for shoplifting. School employees tell him that Kaia is six.

"Now she has broken the record," Turner replies.

Meralyn Kirkland, Kaia's grandmother told reporters that when the youngster reached the police station she had her fingerprints and mugshot taken - the latter of which she needed to stand on a foot-stool for.

"You're discussing traumatizing a six- and seven-year-old - and that’s a boasting right for you?" she said. "These are babies," Kirkland said.

She added Kaia had since been transferred to a private school, and that the family is also now petitioning the state to make 12 the official minimum age for arrest.