Shamrock shaped ravioli is this year's must-have St Patrick’s Day culinary treat

Shamrock shaped ravioli is this year's must-have St Patrick’s Day culinary treat

ST PATRICK’S Day never fails to throw-up any number of weird and wonderful Irish-themed foodstuffs. 

But while the majority tend to focus in around sweet treats like ice cream, breakfast cereals or doughnuts, one pasta maker in the US has forged a different path. 

Nuovo Pasta’s Shamrock Ravioli is currently being stocked in all good branches of CostCo and sounds like an intriguing combo for anyone with a love of Irish culture and Italian food. 

This five-cheese green ravioli is perfect eating for anyone looking to celebrate St Patrick’s Day a little differently this year. 

And with many of us facing a day of celebrations at home, it might just be the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise forgettable March 17. 

Leaving aside the vibrantly green colour of the pasta itself, this ravioli comes jam-packed with cheese – five different varieties to be precise. 

While the Irish aged cheddar understandably takes centre there’s also shredded mozzarella, creamy white cheddar, velvet ricotta, and a spot of Parmesan. 

It all makes for a suitably enticing dinner time experience and, best of all, is reasonably priced at $8.99 for two 20-ounce packs. 

The St Patrick’s Day themed pasta appears to have gone down well with foodies on social media, many of whom have been happily sharing snaps of the ravioli on Instagram. 

Regarded by many as one of CostCo’s best kept secrets, some have suggested that this playful Irish-inspired dinnertime dish is best suited to younger palates with the pasta proving a winner when it comes to organised dinner for the kids. 

Others, however, are adamant the dish is best enjoyed by the more sophisticated among us.  

Whatever the truth might be, with Nuovo Pasta’s Shamrock Ravioli whipping up a storm on social media, this cheaply priced packs could be flying off the shelves faster than you think. 

Stock up now to avoid disappointment!