Snooker star Shaun Murphy left 'broken' after encounter with a desperate Dublin mum

Snooker star Shaun Murphy left 'broken' after encounter with a desperate Dublin mum

SNOOKER star Shaun Murphy has said he was left heartbroken after an encounter with a desperate mother on the streets of Dublin on Friday.

The 2005 World Snooker Championship winner shared details of the incident on social media to highlight the plight faced by some people during the cost-of-living crisis.

Revealing that the despairing mum had only wanted food, baby milk and nappies for her children, Murphy called on governments around the world to do more to help the most vulnerable in society.

Murphy, who lives in Dublin with his Irish wife, weighed up whether or not to share details of the encounter before eventually posting it on social media on Friday.

'It's broken me'

"I debated whether to share this and decided I would," wrote Murphy.

"I was stopped today in Dublin by a mother with two children with her, (9 and 9 months) begging for help.

"She didn't ask for money, just food and specifically some Aptamil and nappies for the youngest child.

"It was completely disarming to meet someone so desperate she was willing to walk the streets asking for help.

"It's broken me inside. It's 2022, why are some people in his position?

"It's just wrong. Governments around the world should be ashamed.

"I know things are difficult for everyone right now, I just wish there was more that could be done for the people most in need right now.

"Maybe there is, and I'm just not aware of it, and if that's the case, I apologise."

Murphy, three of whose grandparents are from Ireland, added that despite helping the woman, he was still left feeling disconsolate.

"In the end I did take her to the shops and buy her the things she needed," he added.

"Normally when you do something good for people you feel better about yourself, if only briefly.

"I just felt heartbroken as I drove home.

"I hope she and her children are ok."

'Shouldn't happen'

Murphy's post received more than 23,000 likes and was shared more than 2,000 times, with many praising the Triple Crown winner for his act of kindness and echoing his call for action.

Australian snooker player and 2022 Masters champion Neil Robertson shared Murphy's tweet, commenting: "Awful to be reading about this in 2022. It shouldn't happen."

"It's an awful situation for many people, and you are right about the governments around the world," added another user.

"A tiny percentage of people are getting wealthier and greedier while others suffer more. It's disgusting.

"Well done for showing your kindness. You're one of life's good people."

Latest figures from the Department of Housing showed a record high of 11,397 people in Ireland were in emergency accommodation last month, including 3,480 children.

In May, Social Justice Ireland claimed that in 2021, 581,334 people in Ireland were living in poverty, of which 163,936 were children and 93,013 were in employment.