Couple discover 'spy camera' hidden in their Airbnb flat

Couple discover 'spy camera' hidden in their Airbnb flat

A COUPLE renting a flat via Airbnb made a shocking discovery during their stay: a secret hidden camera tracking their every move.

When Glaswegian Dougie Hamilton and his girlfriend first arrived at their accommodation in Toronto, Canada, they didn't think there was anything untoward about the place.

It was only after Hamilton took a closer look at the digital clock positioned noticeably close to the bed they were sharing that he realised something was amiss.

Hamilton had recently watched a YouTube video on secret 'spy' cameras and how they are often found concealed in ordinary, everyday, household objects.

Taking a closer look at the clock, he soon discovered a tiny lens inside that may have been recording the pair during their stay.


It wasn't long before Hamilton was warning others about his discovery.

"If you use Airbnb, then you'll definitely want to read this and possibly stop using them," he wrote on Facebook.[0]=68.ARDK8Yeh3VqZcgSmyYaVGUgSpyRPFKsc_8flJsDTsZ4DryLZSS1CLNOdOpPfJVg6XiNuNb3j51yY9UrhG4sYonyZbD8rU_BOkva9GUzStUwHS24uOVxCaBC_1Xi5daWwFabjZZiYRh6w_LKDDi-RY6vLOo_xQdi2doZo2VZo6gnVxCVbFU-6f-g&__tn__=-R

"We booked a one night stay in a lovely apartment in the centre of Toronto for last night (September 6)."

"We had a crazy busy day around the city and finally were able to get to the Airbnb and relax or so we thought.

"I was laying on the couch and this digital clock is facing into the living area and open plan bedroom

"Left with my thoughts, that video pops into my head, "imagine if it was the spy camera in the clock"."


Hamilton alerted both Airbnb and the police in Canada, who are now investigating the incident.

However, according to a report from the Daily Record, the owner of the apartment in Toronto owns six other properties and has racked up hundreds of positive reviews.