Stabbing attack on gay couple in Kildare being treated as hate crime

Stabbing attack on gay couple in Kildare being treated as hate crime

AN ATTACK at a Kildare train station over the weekend which left one man hospitalised is being treated by Gardaí as a hate crime.

A gay couple, both aged in their 20's, were subject to a vicious beating by a group of three people which left one victim hospitalised with serious "stab-type" injuries.

A Facebook post written by one of the victims described how he was "kicked into the face knocked to the ground and kicked" and alleged that his partner had been stabbed four times.

“Never in my life did I think I would be kneeling next to somebody I'm with, holding there [sic] stab wounds to stop the bleeding to keep him alive,” he wrote.

“I’d never wish what I witnessed tonight on my worst enemy.”

“Yer scum of the earth to repeatedly stab an innocent fella for only living the life we deserve to live,” he added.

Investigating Gardaí have confirmed that the attack appears to have been homophobic in nature and said they are treating it as a hate crime.

The attack has led to more people speaking out in favour of Ireland introducing tougher legislation when it comes to hate crime, with the Chief Executive of LGBT Ireland, Paula Fagin, saying in a statement:

“We have been raising the need for hate-crime legislation with general election candidates from all parties over the past two weeks, calling on them to make it a top priority if they are elected.

“This brutal attack last evening should signal to politicians that urgent action is needed to send out a clear message that hate crimes will not be tolerated in this country.”

It is believed that the people involved in the attack, who allegedly filmed the incident on a phone, are known to Gardaí.

The victims are said to be confident that the attackers will be brought to justice.