Status Yellow thunderstorm warning issued for all of Ireland

Status Yellow thunderstorm warning issued for all of Ireland

BATTEN DOWN the hatches.

A nationwide thunderstorm warning has been issued for the whole of Ireland, with national meteorological service Met Eireann predicting severe downpours, hail and flooding.

The Status Yellow weather warning applies to the entire island of Ireland both north and south of the border, and will come into effect from 4pm today, Thursday 24 June.

While most of the country will enjoy balmy 23 degree weather for most of the day, by 4pm the humid weather will break as clouds thick clouds roll in.

For the Republic of Ireland, Met Eireann has predicted "heavy thunderstorms" which will develop later today and continue through the night, with severe downpours, hail and spot flooding expected.

However, they added, due to the localised nature of the storms, some parts of the country will stay dry.

North of the border, counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Derry are expected to be the worst hit; while they may see less rain than further south, the thunderstorms will be severe in Ulster and may still cause flooding and disruption in some places.

The Status Yellow warning will remain in place overnight as the storms rage on, lifting on 9am Friday morning.

Temperatures will drop sharply following the storm and the weekend is set to be cool, breezy and with regular rainfall.

So if you're trying to make the best of the warm weather by heading to the beach, you'd want to leave now, be back by four and prepare to spend the next few days hiding from the rain inside.

Don't you just love an Irish summer?