Student beats £220 Ryanair charge — by changing name on passport

Student beats £220 Ryanair charge — by changing name on passport

ONE man has gone to extreme lengths to avoid Ryanair’s much-maligned administration charges — by changing his identity.

Adam Armstrong, 19, was set to go on holiday to Ibiza with his girlfriend, whose stepfather booked the tickets.

However Mr Armstrong uses the name Adam West on Facebook — a tribute to the original TV actor who played superhero Batman — and his girlfriend’s stepfather used that moniker when booking the tickets, assuming it was his real surname.

When the error was spotted, student Mr Armstrong contacted Ryanair but was told it would cost a whopping £220 to change the name on the booking.

No doubt Ryanair thought they were quids in — surely the customer had no other choice but to fork out or miss his holiday?

But loathe to line the airline’s pockets for the sake of a simple administrative alteration, Mr Armstrong called their bluff — he changed his name for free to Adam West and bought a new passport for £103, saving himself £117 when compared to Ryanair’s charge.

Not only that, but speaking on Today FM’s Anton Savage Show, Mr West says he even made money on the experience, receiving cash from the Sun newspaper.

Adam West says he plans to change his name back after the holiday, but for now he’s a superhero in our eyes, fighting extortionate airline administrative charges.

Mr West, we salute you!