Tayto unveil brand new flavour

Tayto unveil brand new flavour

IRISH crisp brand Tayto are launching a new flavour following a public poll.

In February of this year, Tayto launched it’s Tayto Flavour campaign.

The public was asked to decide the next new limited-edition flavour, the Irish-inspired flavours included; Spice Bag, Sunday Roast, Breakfast Roll and Curry sauce.

The people of Ireland made their decision, and it was revealed on Today FM’s Dermot and Dave Show this morning that the chosen flavour is Spice Bag.


For those who don’t know, a spice bag is a popular take-away choice, primarily in Dublin.

It consists of deep-fried chips, crispy shredded chicken, red and green peppers, sliced chili peppers, fried onions, and a variety of spices.

Tayto Spice Bag won via landslide victory with a huge 51% of the vote.

The limited edition is available in stores from now for a limited period of time.