Thousands attend anti-mask protest in Dublin

Thousands attend anti-mask protest in Dublin

THOUSANDS of people gathered in Dublin for anti-facemask demonstrations this weekend.

The protest began at Custom House Quay at around 2pm this past Saturday, September 12. 

It was organised by the anti-mask activism group Yellow Vest Ireland. 

They are calling for an end to Ireland’s Covid-19 restrictions and for a halt to the mandatory use of face coverings on public transport and in other settings. 

Ahead of the march, the self-described “peoples movement” told protestors to “bring your Tricolour and your Yellow Vest as we unite for the day to defend freedom, protect our civil rights & our human rights.” 

The demonstrators marched from Custom House Quay on to Golden Lane in the south of the city. 

Several banners could be seen during the march featuring slogans like “take off your mask” and “it’s only a common cold”. 

It’s estimated that somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 people attended the event. 

Several streets were closed off to traffic while there was a strong garda presence at the demonstration. 

A spokesperson for the Garda confirmed there were no arrests or major incidents of note during the march. 

“We have no reports or any incidents or arrests related to the demonstration in Dublin City centre earlier today,” gardaí said in a statement. 

“The group involved gathered on Custom House Quay from approximately 1pm and proceeded from there to Government buildings.  

“Rolling road closures were put in place to facilitate the safe movement of those involved and the flow of traffic in the city centre.  

“The demonstration has since concluded and there are no traffic delays currently reported in the city centre.”